What are Superstructure Projects?

In the most general terms, the superstructure is the name given to the buildings built on the foundations and the work carried out during the emergence of these buildings.

Superstructure works are extremely important from a social point of view as well as containing many details. So much so that people need these superstructure works in order to meet their needs for accommodation, education, health, work and all that you can think of.

When it comes to superstructure applications, there are dozens of different areas that can come to mind. All kinds of buildings, from hospitals to schools, from hotels to factories, are evaluated within the scope of superstructure work. Superstructure works include not only the foundation and completion stages of buildings, but also all the installation processes required by a building. Therefore, it is a very comprehensive field.

With a different definition; The part of the road that is built on the infrastructure in order to carry the traffic loads and distribute this load to the base surface in a way that does not exceed the bearing capacity of the base floor and consists of the subbase (subbase) and the foundation and covering layers is called the superstructure.


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